Compound squeeze casting forming die

Mold is an important part of the forming system of composite squeeze casting for large parts. Composite squeeze casting is quite different from the traditional squeeze casting process, which requires a new design of the structure of the composite squeeze casting mold to meet the needs of forming large parts. In this chapter, the floating rigid support mold is designed and manufactured according to the functional requirements of composite squeeze casting mold for large parts for pre closing, increasing extrusion effect and quantitative filling. The floating rigid support structure is modeled, and the motion simulation analysis is carried out by ADAMS software, which verifies the rationality of the mold design scheme and shortens the mold development cycle.

According to the special requirements of the compound squeeze casting system for large parts, a floating rigid support die structure was proposed. The movement of the die structure is simulated and analyzed by using ADAMS software. It is proved that the die can work normally whether it is driven by self weight or pressure. The die with floating rigid support is designed and manufactured, which provides experimental conditions for the forming experiment.

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