Mold filling temperature of squeeze casting

Mold filling temperature is a very important index of squeeze casting, which is closely related to the occurrence of shrinkage porosity, porosity and other defects of castings, and also involves the power calculation of melting furnace and holding furnace.

Material ScienceTrace elementSpecific pressureMold temperatureOptimum mold filling temperature
Al–Zn–Mg–Cu5.8wt.% Zn
2.4wt.% Mg
1.7wt.% Cu
0.3wt.% Mn
0.2wt.% Cr
Rest Al
Al–Si16 wt.% Si111MPa200℃800℃
AZ91–Ca Mg2 wt.% Ca111MPa200℃800℃

The optimum filling temperature of squeeze casting is mainly determined by experiments on specific materials. C. H. fan et al. Studied the effect of mold filling temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al – Zn – mg – Cu alloy in direct squeeze casting, and concluded that the best mold filling temperature was 680 ℃; C. S. Goh et al. Studied the effect of direct squeeze casting parameters on the mechanical properties of AZ91 – Ca Mg alloy, and concluded that the optimal filling temperature was 800 ℃. The optimum filling temperature of various experiments for specific materials is shown in the table, which can also be used as a reference when designing composite extrusion equipment for large parts.

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