Computer promotes the improvement of casting process design level

① CAE (Computer Solidification Simulation):

Predict casting defects and optimize casting process;

Enhance scientific decision-making and reduce experience dependence;

Shorten the trial production cycle and save the trial production cost;

Improve casting quality and process yield;

Accelerate market response and enhance competitive advantage;

Improve corporate image and promote market development.

Domestic computer solidification simulation software has gradually become mature. In particular, “Huazhu CAE” computer solidification simulation software of Huazhong University of science and technology is the first commercial software in China. It has been highly praised by many casting peers in the past few years.

Many foundry manufacturers have achieved good results after using “Huazhu CAE” software. Foreign foundry experts also spoke highly of the “Huazhu CAE” software.

In the application of computer solidification simulation software, our factory is the first manufacturer in China to use commodity software for casting actual production, and it is also one of the manufacturers with the most extensive application and the best application effect.

Before selecting the solidification simulation software, the software shall be screened for solidification simulation experiments: the casting process drawings with defects in our actual production for many times and the casting process drawings that have passed ut flaw detection for many times (the blank weight is about 30t), Huazhong University of Technology (now Huazhong University of science and Technology) The solidification simulation results fed back are very consistent with our production practice, namely “Huazhu CAE” software.

② Computer process management system. With the deepening of enterprise information construction, the “casting process design” and “casting process management” will jump to a new level. Under the condition of design data sharing, the whole process of “casting process design” and “casting process management” is realized by computer. Even the reference room has become an “electronic reference room”. Except for the “process construction drawings” used in the production workshop, all paperless offices are realized.