Considerations for Copper Castings Defects Repair

Cold welding material using method:

First clean copper castings surface, make sure rust and oil were completely eliminated, otherwise it will cause protection layer off. Rough treatment is best, which will increase the binding force between the molecules and greatly enhance the service life of the product after repair.

Also, remember to choose cold welding materials according to copper castings itself, such as casting copper parts must choose cast iron cold welding materials, steel, aluminum, iron, etc, need corresponding special cold welding materials to reach the best effect as well.

copper castings

Copper castings products: Copper (pure copper), aluminum bronze, tin bronze, brass, special brass (brass silicon manganese brass), lead brass (brass rail) and Cu-Zn binary alloy ordinary brass.

Difference between copper castings and aluminum castings

Process and use of aluminum castings and copper castings are the same. The only difference is material, in a word, aluminum casting made by aluminum material, and copper castings made by cast copper material, on the other hand the colors are also respectively, aluminum casting is silver, copper castings are golden yellow. Both of them have their own characteristics and value. From the consumer point of view, choose what kind of material mainly depends on consumer preferences and demand to some extend.

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