The Application Value of the Aluminium Cast

Aluminum in a molten state, into the casting mold, the process for aluminum is cooled to form the desired shape is called cast aluminum. The resulting aluminium cast, aluminium cast is called.

aluminium cast (1)The advantages of aluminium cast including low cost, good in usability, remelting regeneration to save resources and energy, so this kind of material application and development is enduring. Such as the development of cupola – electric furnace duplex melting process and equipment; Widespread adoption of advanced liquid iron desulfurization, filtering technology; Thin-walled high-strength cast iron parts manufacturing technology; Cast iron composite materials manufacturing technology; On the surface of the iron casting or local reinforcement technology; Isothermal match whole set technology of ductile iron casting ; The metal mold casting and metal mould-tutorial sand casting, continuous casting and so on special technology and equipment, etc. Aluminium cast cast light alloy with low density, high specific strength, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent features, will be more widely used in aviation, spaceflight, automobile, machinery and other industries. Especially in the automotive industry, in order to reduce fuel consumption to improve energy efficiency, using aluminum, nickel alloy instead of steel castings, iron castings is a long-term trend. With no pollution, high efficiency, simple operation to solve refining technology, metamorphic technology, grain refinement before furnace technology and rapid detection technology. In order to further improve the material performance, play the potential of materials to the greatest extent, to develop high quality aluminum alloy material, especially the aluminum matrix composite materials to meet the performance requirements of different working conditions; Strengthen the alloy melting process of cluster research, continued alloy die casting and development of squeeze casting technology and related technology research; Perfect the ferroalloy smelting equipment and related technology and process development.