Corrosion and wear of wear resistant cast steel for lining plate of cone crusher

Four dimensional wear is also considered as corrosive wear, in which time is the fourth dimension outside the three-dimensional space. In this mode, the chemical change of corrosion interacts with the physical change of wear, which has an important impact on the failure of materials. When materials are corroded, the failure becomes more serious with the passage of time, and the previous corrosion will affect the current wear, The current corrosion will affect the wear in the future.

In the service process of cone crusher, the lining plate of cone crusher is a large consumable with high consumption rate. It has a large amount of wear in the working process and its service life is only 120-135 hours. Generally, the corrosion consumption of lining plate materials is not considered. However, for the corrosion behavior of cone crusher liner during service, the following points shall be considered:

First of all, although the service life of the cone crusher liner is not long, considering many shutdown and shutdown factors such as equipment maintenance and overhaul, workers’ rotation and production adjustment, the working time of each set of cone crusher liner with a service life of 120-135 hours on the equipment is not 5-6 days, but often 12-15 days, This greatly prolongs the time for the lining material to be corroded.

Secondly, the workshop where the equipment is located is in a semi open state, which is vulnerable to rain, snow, wind, frost and humidity in the weather. At the same time, the composition of the ore is complex, there are many impurities, and the ore returned from the discharge port also contains moisture. Therefore, the working environment of the lining plate of the cone crusher is an environment prone to corrosion.

Finally, the corrosion consumption of the lining material of the cone crusher is generally not considered, so the corrosion resistance of the lining material is rarely deliberately improved in the design. At the same time, the part where the lining material is mainly consumed by wear and corrosion is the working surface of the lining plate, that is, the inner surface of the fixed cone lining plate and the opposite outer surface of the moving cone lining plate. These working surfaces are constantly ineffective and thinned, so it is impossible to apply coating protection on the corroded surface.

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