Current situation and development of cast titanium alloy technology of Baimu high tech

Beijing Baimu aviation materials Hi Tech Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturing platform for titanium alloy casting materials and process research and engineering application of Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute. It has accumulated nearly 60 years of experience in titanium alloy precision casting technology. It has a complete set of technologies for large-scale complex thin-walled titanium alloy precision casting and a series of unique innovative technologies: high chemical stability, high fire resistance and strength of shell manufacturing technology High precision, high technology level has been in the domestic leading level. It has successively completed dozens of major scientific research tasks, with more than 10 patented technologies. It is the main force in the research and development of titanium alloy castings for domestic aerospace type missions. The production capacity of the company’s titanium alloy precision casting has reached the maximum diameter of 1300mm, the maximum weight of 400kg, the minimum wall thickness of the casting of 2mm, the dimensional accuracy of ct5-ct7, the surface roughness of 3.2-6.5mm, and the minimum thickness of the small casting of 0.7mm.

After a long period of unremitting research, Baimu high tech, Institute of aeronautical materials, has formed six main self owned technologies, including “oxide surface refractory for Titanium Precision Casting and its preparation process”, “oxide ceramic surface coating technology for titanium alloy precision casting process”, “thin-walled titanium alloy casting technology” and “special sand casting technology”. In recent years, many advanced technologies, such as “large thin-walled titanium alloy precision casting forming technology”, “special-shaped titanium alloy precision casting dimensional accuracy control and testing technology”, “non-destructive testing technology of special-shaped structure titanium alloy precision casting” and “control technology of metallurgical quality, physical and chemical property stability of titanium alloy precision casting engineering production”, have been completed.

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