Design and technology of sand casting mould

With the joint unremitting efforts of sand casting process design engineers and mold practitioners, after years of continuous development, the quality of sand casting mold has made great progress, but its overall independent innovation ability is still insufficient and lacks core competitiveness. It is concluded that most of the designers of mold manufacturing enterprises do not have sand casting professional knowledge or sand casting experience, lack the design ability of sand casting process, and many of the designed molds do not meet the actual production needs of sand casting. Sand casting enterprises often need to make a lot of improvement after receiving molds. Therefore, how to cultivate their own mold designers and improve the mold design level, or how to make the combination of sand mold casting process design engineers and mold designers more closely, is not only the premise to ensure the mold quality, but also the detail that our sand mold casting enterprises must attach great importance to.

At present, some sand casting enterprises completely entrust the required molds to mold suppliers for design and manufacturing. The advantage of this is that sand casting enterprises can not invest too much energy in mold design and manufacturing, but this may bring a lot of hidden dangers and losses to sand casting production. If the mold designed by the mold supplier does not meet the process requirements of the castings produced, the sand casting enterprise has to modify and optimize it a lot. However, once the basic details such as scale, parting surface, template layout and gating system are determined, it is difficult to make comprehensive modifications, which may lead to the failure or even scrap of the mold. Based on the above reasons, sand casting enterprises must cultivate their own mold design engineers. The mold design engineers can be concurrently held by sand casting process technicians. The advantage is to make the designed molds closer to the actual sand casting production, reduce or avoid the later change of molds, and provide a more reasonable mold process for the development of new sand casting products, So as to ensure the success rate of new product development. Because mold manufacturing needs to invest a lot of sophisticated machining equipment, it also needs a lot of mold practitioners. Therefore, as a sand casting enterprise, we can not have our own mold manufacturing capacity, but in order to ensure the feasibility of mold process and the success rate of new product development, we must have our own sand casting process designers and mold designers.

The process and material design of sand casting mold are related to the difficulty of mold processing, the cost of mold manufacturing and the service life of mold, as well as the feasibility and reliability of casting production. Therefore, if a sand casting enterprise wants to improve the overall quality of the mold, it should start from the mold design, especially the sand casting process design on the mold, increase the investment in design and R & D, try to avoid multiple changes in the later stage due to insufficient consideration of the sand casting process in the design process, and avoid a series of losses caused by the late change.