Design of gating system for large frame steel castings

Cast steel has high pouring temperature, poor fluidity, and strong thermal impact and scouring force on the sand mold caused by molten steel. Therefore, the low-temperature rapid casting process is adopted. According to the pouring method and the weight of the steel casting, the bottom pouring ladle is used for pouring.

Steel castings poured with bottom pouring ladle adopt an open pouring system, with the cross-sectional area of the ladle hole as the flow control cross-sectional area, which is recorded as 1. The cross-sectional area of each unit of the pouring system can be calculated according to the following proportional relationship: F ladle hole: F straight: F horizontal: F inner=1: (1.8~2.0): (1.8~2.0): (2.0~2.5). Select the hole wrapping according to the actual tooling Φ 45 mm, F envelope hole=15.9 cm ^ 2; Fstraight=2.0 × 1 5 . 9=31.8 cm ^ 2, select Φ 60 mm sprue; F horizontal=2.0 × 15.9=31.8 cm^2; Adopt overlapping type, which can effectively collect slag and sand; Within F=2.5 × 15.9=39.8 cm^2; The inner gate is introduced from the riser and adopts a flat wide type to avoid air entrainment and slag entrainment caused by the turbulent flow of liquid metal.

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