Design of lost foam casting process simulation experiment

In the study of lost foam casting process, the process parameters that have a great impact on the quality of lost foam casting are mainly studied: pouring temperature, negative pressure and vacuum degree. Therefore, in order to obtain reasonable pouring process parameters, six groups of different lost foam casting pouring temperature and vacuum negative pressure are arranged to simulate respectively. The scheme is shown in the table.

Process schemePouring temperature (โ„ƒ)Negative pressure (MPA)Filling time (s)
a1420-0.0446.84Liquid metal has a pause
b1420-0.0548,98Stable filling
c1420-0.0645.75Serious suspension of molten metal
d1450-0.0444.15Liquid metal has a pause
e1450-0.0548.62Stable filling
f1450-0.0647.39Serious suspension of molten metal