Determination of riser number and position of steel castings

After analyzing the hot spot position and feeding channel of steel castings, the position of riser can be determined. In order to increase the feeding pressure of the riser and the feeding expansion angle towards the riser position, the riser should be set on the feeding channel of steel castings. However, when the structure of steel castings is very complex, in order to avoid cracks in gas cutting risers, the hot joints of steel castings should be avoided when setting risers.

A steel casting may have multiple feeding channels, so the feeding system may have multiple risers. However, local feeding channels such as bosses can be made into non feeding channels by setting cold iron, and one steel casting riser can feed multiple feeding channels at the same time by setting subsidies. When the feeding channel exceeds the feeding limit of riser, multiple risers may need to be set. Therefore, the riser should be set on those feeding channels according to the structure and manufacturability of steel castings.