Numerical simulation and technology of sand mold casting of mud pump body

With the help of ProCAST software, the temperature field and flow field in the filling process, temperature field and stress field in the solidification process of the sand mold casting process scheme of the mud pump body are simulated and analyzed. Although various defects that may appear in the casting process are effectively predicted in the process design stage, which provides a theoretical basis for process optimization, due to the author’s limited ability and other objective conditions, there are still many deficiencies in the simulation analysis, and the process research of sand mold casting of mud pump body needs to be further deepened.

(1) In the simulation analysis, considering the limitation of hardware conditions, the structure of sand mold casting mud pump body is simplified to a certain extent, and the subtle features such as casting fillet are eliminated, resulting in a certain deviation between the simulated temperature field, flow field and stress field and the actual situation. Therefore, it is suggested that the fine features should be properly retained in the meshing of castings in order to improve the authenticity of numerical simulation.

(2) During the simulation calculation, the set parameters include the physical properties of liquid metal and mold, the thermal conductivity, shrinkage and critical solid rate of liquid metal flow of sand mold and mold of mud pump body. Due to the limitation of experimental conditions, the error range is not verified by experiments. It is suggested that if the experimental conditions permit, the correctness of initial conditions, boundary conditions and physical properties can be verified by experiments, and the corresponding database can be established for future simulation calculation.

(3) In the simulation calculation of the mud pump body of sand mold casting, only the macro simulation of temperature field, flow field and stress field is carried out, but the micro simulation analysis of the casting microstructure is not carried out. If the influence of various process parameters on the casting microstructure can be simulated and analyzed in the process design stage, and the process optimization can be carried out for the problem, The microstructure and properties of castings can be better improved.

(4) During the simulation calculation, the influence of casting process on the quality and performance of sand mold casting mud pump is mainly studied. In order to obtain high-quality castings, environmental changes, such as weather, temperature and humidity, should also be considered, and corresponding changes should be made in the simulation parameters.