The Development of Casting Steel Industry

The development of casting steel industry and the improvement of steel-making technology are inseparable. Although the technology of wronght steel made steel components available, it was impossible to manufacture steel casting before mastery of liquid steel-making technology, In the initial stage of liquid steel technology becoming practically, the liquid steel was formed by pouring into sand mould. Though technology applied in the process was very simple, the products were still be considered as steel castings.

The general situation of development of casting steel industry can be divided into the following two phases which are bounded by the 1940s .

The first phase was the emergence of steel and the formation of casting steel industry from 1845 to 1940.It almost experienced 2000 years from the iron age to the liquid steel coming out for the first time. From iron-making to steel-making, though there are only differences on carbon content and melting point, the technology is a big difficulty. The major obstacle is the lack of melting equipments which are high temperature resistance and corresponding refractory materials.

The second phase is the technology progress of the casting steel industry after 1940s.The development of casting steel and alloy materials have advanced studies on alloying and micro alloying. And all kinds of alloy steel and special steel in the casting steel production account for growing proportion which is one of the important technical progress in modern steel casting industry.

And technology progress is also one of the reasons for slowing casting production. The rapid promotion of continuous casting of iron and rolling technology of iron and steel industry is the most typical example which makes the traditional ingot mold decrease significantly.