The Development of Iron Casting

Casting of iron had played a huge role in the process of human civilization. so far as one of engineering materials, it still has an important influence in the national economy, especially in the engineering industry .

In recent years, due to the energy, price of labour power, environment and other comprehensive factors, the growth of casting production is slowing in western developed countries and in some countries it even fall down, especially the grey casting of iron production declined obviously. In the face of competition among light alloy material (aluminum, magnesium) ,other new types of engineering materials and manufacturing process, once in people’s impression casting of iron was subsumed in the class of ancient material which is considered to be declination and no use potential for humans.

The development of casting of iron in the world presents the following trends: production growth has slowed down. Since the 1960s, casting developed rapidly all over the world, to the 80s, the growth became slowing down.

The reason for this phenomenon is mainly because the development speeds of casting dosage inseveral large pillar industries (automobile, construction, machinery, etc.) slow down in some industrial developed countries. Another reason is the result of competition among other engineering plastics, composite materials, ceramics, etc.

And technology progress is also one of the reasons for slowing casting production.The rapid promotion of continuous casting of iron and rolling technology of iron and steel industry is the most typical example which makes the traditional ingot mold decrease significantly.

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