Development of computer simulation technology for sand casting process

Combined with the design of sand casting mold and the actual production situation of the enterprise, on the basis of summarizing and analyzing the theory of sand casting simulation, the numerical simulation software PrOCAST2008 was used to simulate the filling and solidification process of the flywheel casting process currently produced by the enterprise. According to the simulation results, the optimization design and improvement of the sand casting molding gating system of the flywheel were carried out. With the help of large finite element analysis software ANSYS 10.0, the stress field simulation of sand casting process was studied. Through the analysis and comparison of the casting stress simulation results of ANSYS and PrCAST, the relationship between them is found, which provides a way to solve the interface connection between the two software, mainly including the following research contents:

(1) The development status of numerical simulation technology of sand casting process in China and various numerical simulation software are analyzed and summarized, and the future development prospect of numerical simulation technology of sand casting process is proposed.

(2) The task and content of numerical simulation are summarized, and the theoretical basis of numerical simulation of mold filling solidification and stress field is studied and analyzed from mathematical model, numerical algorithm and defect basis.

(3) With PRO/ENGINEER3.0 as solid modeling software, sand casting technology is added; Then the grid division and parameter setting are carried out: the interface connection between the CAE software PRO/ENGINEER3.0 and the numerical simulation software PROCAST2008 is studied.

(4) According to the actual situation of the pilot production site, the database of thermal physical parameters, heat transfer coefficient and initial conditions of sand casting materials suitable for enterprise application is established, the initial conditions and boundary conditions are loaded, and the simulation analysis of the mold filling and solidification process of flywheel casting is carried out using PROCAST2008 software. According to the analysis results, the sand casting process plan of flywheel is improved.

(5) Considering the characteristics of material properties changing with temperature, the numerical simulation of typical casting stress frame sand mold casting process was successfully simulated by using nonlinear analysis and ANSYS 10.0. The numerical simulation results of temperature field and stress field were compared with those of ProCAST2008.

(6) The flow analysis of the connection between PrOCAST and ANSYS lays the foundation for realizing the connection between them.