Development of foundry technology in China

The development of casting technology in China will focus on the following aspects:

① Green casting technology is an important direction for the development of casting science and technology in China;

② With the continuous integration of high and new technology, the development of high-efficiency, precision and low-cost casting technology will change with each passing day;

③ The combination of information technology and casting technology will greatly promote and improve the level of casting technology;

④ Casting under extreme conditions is an important field in the development of casting technology.

Based on the data and results of China’s total casting output and cast iron and non-ferrous alloy casting materials from 2005 to 2015. In the next few years, the total output of castings in China will continue to grow. The output of gray iron remains relatively stable, the output of nodular cast iron will increase rapidly, and the output of malleable cast iron will gradually decrease. Nonferrous alloy castings have a very bright development prospect, especially aluminum magnesium alloy.

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