Development of lost foam casting in China

In the middle of the 20th century, Shanghai Institute of mechanical manufacturing technology and the Ministry of mechanical industry began to study the full mold casting technology. A year later, the casting process test was preliminarily successful and the first large steel casting in China (weighing 11T) was poured. Then steel castings and iron castings were put into production in 1967 and 1971, which laid a solid foundation for the research and development of lost foam casting Technology in China. After 1974, lost foam casting was deeply studied and applied, and some factories were successfully put into small batch production.

In the late 1990s, some domestic manufacturers began to introduce foreign lost foam casting production lines or production equipment, driving the overall level of domestic lost foam casting. In 1993, a company making automobile engines took the lead in introducing vibration table, pre foaming machine and molding machine for lost foam casting from the United States to produce aluminum alloy intake pipe; Subsequently, many domestic factories successively introduced lost foam casting related equipment and production lines from the United States, Japan and other countries; After 2007, China has become a large production country of lost foam casting, and the total output of lost foam casting has reached about 648000 tons.

Although the research on lost foam casting technology in China has become more and more perfect, it has initially formed a scale in single piece small batch and batch mass production. However, the overall technology needs to be improved, especially in the production of some castings with complex structure and high precision requirements. Generally speaking, there is a big gap with industrial countries.

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