Development status of casting alloy materials and melting in China

The casting materials and casting methods are relatively complete, which meet the needs of various departments of the national economy; In addition to a few cutting-edge technologies, the casting materials and casting methods widely used in the international casting industry have been basically mastered and used in production in China. Except for a few high parameter castings, the castings needed in China are basically based in China. It has successfully produced more than 500 tons of rolling mill frame, 20 tons of ductile iron nuclear spent fuel container, 2.7 tons of complex aluminum castings and other large castings. It can mass produce high parameter castings such as car cylinder block, cylinder head, no allowance aeroengine blade, large diameter nodular cast iron centrifugal cast pipe with DN 160 0x 500 Mn, etc.

(1) Cast alloy materials

The production technology of rare earth magnesium ductile iron and quenched ductile iron with Chinese characteristics has reached the international advanced level, and is widely used in diesel engines, agricultural machinery, automobiles, gears, wear-resistant parts and other mechanical products; Nodular cast iron has been used in automobile exhaust pipe, high-power diesel engine cylinder head, glass mold and other products; Gray cast iron with high strength and high elastic modulus, wear-resistant and wear-resistant alloy cast iron and thin-wall high-strength gray cast iron have been applied in machine tool guide rail, diesel engine cylinder liner, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston ring and grinding ball, and good application results have been obtained; In addition, alloy cast steel, non-ferrous metals and cast composites have also been developed and applied one after another. After more than ten years of research and development, Chinese foundry scientists and technicians have formed a series of products and production bases of inoculant, spheroidizing agent and vermiculating agent, which has effectively promoted the development and application of casting alloy materials.

(2) Alloy melting

Develop large-scale hot blast, dust removal and long-life blast furnace, promote duplex smelting, electric furnace smelting, AOD and ladle refining, ADI and aluminum alloy treatment technology, refining filtration technology, etc., and provide high-temperature, low Si, P and impurity molten iron, molten steel and purified liquid nonferrous alloy for casting production. Progress has been made in the research of metal matrix composites. There are achievements in the research of short fiber, external particle reinforcement and in-situ particle reinforcement, but less industrial application has been realized. The backbone foundries in some key industries have adopted direct reading spectrometer and thermal analyzer to effectively control the composition of molten metal in front of the furnace, and the casting quality is controlled by ultrasonic and other detection methods.