Development status of casting and smelting equipment in China

Poor basic conditions such as casting technology and equipment; The proportion of manual operation in the production process is high, and the technical quality of on-site workers is low; Only a few large automobile and internal combustion engine group foundries adopt advanced molding and core making technology. Most foundry enterprises still use shock molding machines or even manual molding. The core making is mainly made of binder sand such as tung oil, synthetic grease and clay. Most investment casting plants mainly make water glass shells; Low pressure casting can only produce medium and small non-ferrous or cast iron parts, not steel castings; The castings stably put into production with EPC technology are only limited to exhaust pipe, shell and other castings, the productivity is less than 30 type / hour, and the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of castings are low.

In recent years, some advanced smelting equipment have been developed and popularized to improve the temperature and comprehensive quality of molten metal. For example, the external heated hot blast cupola has been applied, but it is few, and only 1% of them use cast coke. Some foundry nonferrous alloy plants still use backward smelting technologies such as fuel oil, coke furnace and so on. Cupola electric furnace duplex process can only be applied in a few batch production lines. A few large and medium-sized electric arc furnaces adopt ultra-high power (600-700 KVA / T) technology. The introduction of refining equipment and technologies such as AOD and VOD has improved the internal quality of high-grade alloy cast steel.

The increasing enforcement of environmental protection law forces the foundry industry to pay attention to environmental protection technology. A series of achievements have been made in the treatment of casting dust and poison, sewage purification and waste residue utilization, and a variety of casting environmental protection equipment have been developed (such as dust cover of Vibrating Sand dropping machine, mobile vacuum cleaner, smoke and dust purification device, sewage purification and recycling system, dry and wet regeneration technology and equipment of casting old sand, technology and equipment for making composite materials from casting waste sand slag and waste plastics, etc.

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