Further Reading Cast Iron Parts

As cast iron parts have advantages of low cost, excellent manufacturability and reproducibility, their applications can be seen in many ways till now. These involved ones include desulphurization and filtrations of melted iron, manufacturing of thin and high-intensity iron castings and Fe composites, metal case hardenings and partly hardenings,...


The Gas Welding of Cast Iron Part

Gas welding of cast iron part can be divided into cold welding and thermal welding. In order to reduce the deformation of welding stress, gas welding should adopt the method of heating reduction for welding. Thermal welding will heat the welding to 500 ~ 600 โ„ƒ for welding. The...


The History of Cast Iron Parts

China in 513 BC, cast the earliest written records of cast iron parts of the world – the state of Jin cast cauldrons and weighs about 270 kilograms.craft has reached a quite high level, Casting refers to the solid metal melt as liquid into the specific shape of the...