Development status of NC machining technology for large steel castings

In recent years, NC technology has developed rapidly. Developed countries have fully popularized NC machining and manufacturing technology in industrial production. Generally, it is an accurate manufacturing mode driven by CAD model. The sand mold and mold of large castings are directly completed by NC machine tools, which simplifies the mold relief and greatly improves the manufacturing efficiency of large castings. At the same time, the casting precision under computer control is very high, which can avoid the error caused by manual operation in most cases, and promote the manufacturing of equipment materials into the field of precision and precision. In addition, the CNC lathe can be combined with other production equipment to establish a semi closed production space, and then combined with the dust and waste residue recovery system, which can effectively reduce the emission of dust, waste residue and non gas in the production process, improve the eco-environmental benefits of production, and then implement the objectives of sustainable development and ecological development.

The development of CNC lathes abroad started earlier. Taking Europe as an example, as early as the 1980s, most industrial developed countries in Europe began to explore and try the production technology of CNC lathes. In 2010, at least 14 countries in Europe joined Sheffield casting development center in the UK to participate in the R & D and improvement of production technology of large casting lathes. Up to now, Britain, France, Germany and other European representative industrial developed countries have fully popularized the NC lathe processing technology, and even Germany has realized the five side synchronous processing of large castings, which has greatly improved the industrial production efficiency.

The research on NC machining and manufacturing technology of large castings in China started late. Around 2006, the advanced manufacturing technology research center of China National Academy of Mechanical Sciences officially proposed the R & D project of digital machining technology of large castings, and independently developed the first digital machining of large castings in China in the next three years, one of which has obtained an international patent. In recent years, through continuous optimization of tool materials, improvement of sand mold processing performance, improvement of lathe production process, improvement of lathe system software and related equipment development, China has independently developed a variety of CNC lathes, which have been successfully trial produced in domestic industrial enterprises.

After more than ten years of research, China’s lathe large casting processing technology has also made great progress. Through digital technology and NC technology, the traditional large casting processing technology has been optimized and adjusted, and many new NC processing and manufacturing processes and methods have been explored and created to optimize and upgrade the NC device driven by traditional CAD, It makes the production process of large steel castings more reasonable, scientific and intensive, simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency. The manufacturing and processing of large castings based on NC lathe can get rid of the limitations of traditional mold production, break the restrictions of mold use, and realize the production and processing of large steel castings without mold, repeatability and high efficiency.

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