Development trend of foundry raw and auxiliary materials in China

Establish a new raw and auxiliary material system suitable for high-density clay molding sand, develop different kinds of raw sand and less pollution-free high-quality shell core sand according to different alloy, casting characteristics, production environment, and grasp the research and development of China’s raw sand resources, carry out research and development of replacement of special sand and artificial casting sand; The development of green sand binder is focused on the development of new type of pulverized coal and its additives.

In order to improve the strength, hygroscopicity and application scope of sodium polyacrylate powder hardener CO 2 resin, the raw materials, technology, regeneration and equipment of ester harden basic resin sand were studied, so as to popularize the resin sand technology as soon as possible; The development of high reactive resin and its matching cheap new type of warm box catalyst will change the core making process from hot box method to warm box and cold box method, so as to save energy and improve the quality of sand core.

In order to reduce the production cost, pollution and resource consumption, it is necessary to strengthen the research on the hygroscopicity and collapsibility of sodium silicate sand, especially to develop new technology for the reuse of used sand.

In order to meet the needs of producing thin-walled and high-strength aluminum alloy cylinder and cylinder head, we should develop resin self hardening sand core molding, filling technology and related materials under controlled atmosphere and pressure, strengthen the research and development of domestic special raw sand and less pollution-free and high collapsing resin. Improve the strength and toughness of coated sand, improve the collapsibility of coated sand, improve the thermal deformation of coated sand, and speed up the hardening of coated sand.

A new series of coatings suitable for the near zero residue precision forming technology, i.e. developing organic and inorganic series of non occupying coatings for precision forming and casting production, has been established. In order to improve the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the inner cavity of the important castings of the cylinder block and cylinder head of the automobile, and to solve the problems of sand sticking and surface roughness in the shell casting of the steel castings, the self hardening transfer coating is developed for the metal mold, the hot core box and the mold used in the single small batch production of the precision castings, and the transfer coating for the microwave hardening of the precision sand core, Promote the application of non occupying coating or high permeability, thin layer coating technology combined with sand covering technology.

We will vigorously develop flow coating and dip coating and equipment to meet the requirements of resin sand mechanized production line for high-quality steel castings, and develop metal mold series coatings that can control cooling speed, improve light alloy quality, reduce mold (core) resistance and improve production efficiency, The sintering shielding coating (such as anti carburizing and sulphurizing coating) which can prevent the harmful gas from invading into the casting and restrain the porosity crack in resin sand mold (core) is developed, and the wet spraying coating suitable for clay sand is developed.

Strengthen the basic research of coating performance, colloid chemistry and rheology, carry out the research of drying and hardening process such as coating microwave and far-infrared, develop and formulate the testing methods and standards of raw materials and properties for coating (including testing instruments), and establish its information database.

On the premise of improving the quality of cast pig iron and adopting desulfuration technology, the formulation of spheroidizing agent is improved, the content of magnesium and rare earth is reduced, and the spheroidizing effect is improved.

Increase the variety of inoculant, develop the inoculant with strong pertinence, and improve the uniformity of inoculant particle size.

Develop new desulfurizer (such as Cao compound desulfurizer).

Develop SR salt or Al SR modifier and grain refiner based on domestic resources, and strengthen comprehensive research on Sr modification and refining process.

Development of refining agent and refining modification integrated aluminum alloy flux suitable for rid and fi technology.

Promote the application of computer expert system in the quality management of molding materials such as molding sand.

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