2018 global casting production data release

According to the global casting production census conducted by modern casting magazine of American Foundry Association, in 2018, the global casting production exceeded 112.7 million tons, an increase of about 2.5 million tons compared with 2017; although the growth of global casting production is predicted to slow down, the growth of 2.6% is still achieved in 2018.

In the past two years (2017-2018), 19 countries or regions participated in the census and provided casting production data, and the production of 19 countries or regions achieved growth. The ranking of the top ten casting producers in 2018 was basically stable, among which China maintained the position of the world’s largest casting producer with a production of 49.35 million tons, accounting for nearly 44% of the world’s casting production, but decreased by 0.1% compared with 2017, which was the first reported reduction in production in recent years; the following India’s casting production showed a large growth, reaching 13.39 million tons, an increase of 1.33 million tons compared with 2017( The growth rate is 11.1%, which is the largest among the top 10 casting production countries, which also shows the positive trend of Indian casting Market in recent years; the third largest U.S. casting production also has a large growth, with the production reaching 10.76 million tons, an increase of 10.6%. Then Japan (5.58 million tons), Germany (5.43 million tons), Russia (4.2 million tons), Mexico (2.91 million tons), South Korea (2.52 million tons), Brazil (2.28 million tons), Italy (2.26 million tons). Compared with 2017, Japan (2017 is the fifth), Germany (2017 is the fourth), Brazil (2017 is the tenth) and Italy (2017 is the ninth).

In addition, according to statistics, there are 45954 global foundry enterprises in 2018. According to the statistics of casting materials, the largest proportion is cast iron enterprises, followed by non-ferrous metal enterprises (aluminum alloy), followed by cast steel enterprises. The average output of global casting enterprises is 2452 tons, basically the same as that in 2017 (2424 tons).

The global casting production census data is provided by the casting associations of various countries or regions, the world casting organization, the European Casting Association, etc.

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