Development trend of sand casting in China

To improve the internal and external quality of castings (such as dimensional accuracy and surface roughness), reduce machining allowance, and further promote the application of high mechanization, automation and high-density wet sand molding technology such as air impact, high pressure, injection molding and extrusion molding are the main development direction of small and medium-sized castings in the future. It is the key to improve the quality of bentonite by using nano technology to modify bentonite or adding binder in bentonite.

In order to save binder, reduce pollution, reduce casting defects and reduce production cost, triethylamine cold box method was developed to resist moisture and casting vein.

Improve and improve the performance and control system function of vertical parting non box injection molding machine and air impact molding machine. At the same time, the auxiliary machine of molding line should be developed according to the principle of generalization and seriation to improve the matching level.

Pay close attention to the development of personalized and practical air flow compaction molding machine which is suitable for the shape of complex patterns or the mass production of many varieties.

Improve the quality, technical content, technical level and supporting capacity of sand treatment equipment, fill in the technical blank including used sand cooling device and bucket elevator suitable for transporting used sand as soon as possible, and strive to improve the design level of sand treatment system.

A complete set of equipment for resin self hardening sand with diversification, good effect and long service life is developed to increase variety and improve performance.

Focus on the development of cold box core shooter series products and core sand mixing and feeding equipment.

Establish the test base of shot blasting equipment, systematically research and develop the shot blasting device, shot sand separation and noise reduction device, and develop the shot blasting cleaning machine with high technical performance and content.

In the face of fierce competition in the international market after China’s accession to the WTO, the caster industry should, according to the needs and possibilities of China’s national conditions, combine production, learning and research, develop and innovate, make great efforts to develop advanced, efficient, low-cost, practical and independent intellectual property rights of new caster products, so as to change the backward appearance of technology and equipment of most of China’s foundry enterprises, Make a short cut for small investment and quick results.

Priority should be given to the promotion of resin self hardening sand, cold core box self hardening technology, warm core box method and shell (core) method; the development of non polluting or less polluting binders, catalysts, hardeners and supporting anti pollution technology, and the development of materials and resin sand composite technology that can eliminate defects in resin sand castings.

The application of new ester hardening modified sodium silicate sand in large and medium-sized steel castings is popularized in order to gradually eliminate the hardening process of CO2 ordinary sodium silicate sand with low bonding strength, large amount of sodium silicate and poor collapsibility of molding sand.

Develop precision forming technology and near precision forming technology, vigorously develop visual casting technology, and promote the development of numerical simulation technology CAE of casting process to integration, virtual, intelligent and practical; the casting CAD system based on characteristic modeling will be the foundation and premise for foundry enterprises to realize modern production technology design, The new generation of casting CAD system should be an integrated system integrating simulation analysis, expert system and artificial intelligence. It adopts modular system and unified data structure, and integrates seamlessly with cam / CAPP / ERP / rpm, etc.; it promotes the modernization level of casting tooling to further improve, and comprehensively develops the integration, intelligence and online operation of CAD / CAM / CAE / rpm, reverse engineering, concurrent engineering, remote design and manufacturing, computer detection and control system, and urges the revolutionary progress of traditional casting industry.