Die casting model and casting system of steering wheel

Establishment of casting model

A356 aluminum alloy is selected as the die casting material. The casting aluminum alloy A356 is a typical aluminum silicon alloy, which has good fluidity, air tightness and corrosion resistance. It has no tendency of hot cracking and is easy to weld. It is used in the as cast state and has high mechanical properties after modification. It is one of the most common cast aluminum alloys. The die casting parts have clear appearance and bright and clean appearance; there are no cold shut, mixed impurities and other defects in the die casting parts; the thick wall of the die casting parts should have high density, without air holes and shrinkage holes. Figure 1 shows the Pro / E 3D modeling of the die casting steering wheel.

Design of gating system for die casting

The quality requirements of die castings are largely determined by the gating system, which also affects the production efficiency and the service life of the die. The gating system is mainly composed of gate, runner and sprue. Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the gating system of the steering wheel.

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