Dieless casting

Dieless casting refers to the manufacturing of sand mold cavity for casting, which no longer uses molds. It has the advantages of high speed (direct processing based on digital model to generate casting model), high precision (high mold clamping precision and no mold shifting inclination), low price (reducing wood mold and processing cost), etc; The cost of a single piece is 1 / 4 of the wood mold, the time is 1 / 3, and the machining allowance can be reduced by at least 30%. The comprehensive benefit in product trial production is significantly higher than that of precision casting such as solution mold and EPC and traditional wood mold and metal mold casting.

There are two routes for dieless casting technology. One is sand mold material reduction molding represented by China Academy of Mechanical Sciences (see Figure 1). The main principle is similar to mechanical processing. The processing object is replaced with sand blocks, and the sand blocks are processed through product digital model and NC equipment, so as to finally obtain the mold required for pouring; The second is the sand mold additive molding represented by Huazhong University of science and Technology (see Figure 2). Simply speaking, it belongs to 3D printing of sand mold. Compared with the material reduction manufacturing of sand block, it can print more complex sand cores, but the processing efficiency is relatively low at present.

The Institute of process materials of China YITUO Group Co., Ltd. has carried out digestion, absorption and integrated application research on the two technologies around 2010, and has been successively applied in the trial production of a variety of products in Yituo company.

It can be said that the digital, intelligent and green dieless casting technology is a revolution to the traditional casting. However, because the transformation and upgrading of China’s casting industry is at the initial stage, and the performance of Dieless casting equipment needs to be further upgraded and improved, the basic theory of product process design of Dieless casting has not been fully formed, The comprehensive promotion needs the joint efforts of all casting colleagues.

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