Drawing of 3D engineering drawing of lost foam casting steel for bridge bearing

Creo software is used to draw 3D engineering drawings and assemble components. Creo software is a CAD software design package launched by PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) Company in 2010, which officially changed its name to replace the original Pro / Engineer 3D drawing software developed by the company. The new Creo software integrates the parametric technology of Pro / Engineer, the direct modeling technology of cocreate and the three-dimensional visualization technology of ProductView, which has three major characteristics: primary interoperability, openness and ease of use.

In this paper, Creo software is used to complete two kinds of process schemes, which are shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 respectively.

This paper mainly analyzes the structure of a kind of steel damping cast steel bearing in bridge bearing, and designs the gating system, riser and other process parameters of the product according to the theoretical basis of process design.

The pouring scheme is designed as horizontal pouring and vertical pouring. Creo software is used for 3D solid engineering drawing and assembly molding.

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