Ductile iron punch disc casting


According to the above process, the test results of chemical composition, mechanical properties and microstructure of ductile iron punch disc are shown in Table 1, table 2 and figure 1.

PerformanceTensile strength /MPaElongation (%)Graphite gradeSpheroidization rate
Requirement≥ 420≥ 5≥ 4 grade≥ 90
Actual5355.56 grade95.42
(a) Metallography before corrosion (100 ×)
(b) Metallography after corrosion (100 ×)

The test results show that the performance of the disc cast test block attached to the ductile iron punch meets the technical requirements, and the first piece is verified to be free of casting defects by machining. The finished disc of the ductile iron punch is shown in Figure 2, and its casting process is finally solidified after passing the process evaluation.

(a) Side photo of casting (direction of maintenance window)
(b) Photos of casting bottom
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