Experimental matrix for foam pyrolysis experiments

The test matrix for the materials shown in Table 1.2.2. Prior evaluations were assessed on the bars listed in Table 1.2.1 producing bars made with T170 and T175 (bromide) beads to establish the repeatability of the pyrolysis apparatus Pattern. This was considered necessary because of the reconstruction of the appliance after use in 2001.

The data recorded gas fraction, the molecular weight of the liquid residue, heat flux and to maintain pressure feed velocities. The low feed velocity of 1.0 cm. / Nozzles. used in 2001 increased to 1.5 cm. / Sec. to increase the accuracy of the pressure measurement. This was necessary because of the noise level created by directives bar tear as the bars driven into the heater. Results from these evaluations showed acceptable repeatability of the gas fraction (Figure 1.2.2 and Figure 1.2.3) at the same velocities for bars T175 and T170 shaped beads (bromide 0.36%).

The pressure resistance for the materials shown in Figure 1.2.4 and indicates that the values ​​were consistent pressure T170 bars between 2001 and 2005; However, the pressures were to evaluate the T175 crops in 2005 is much higher than the data of 2001. Since T170 pressure values ​​were consistent repeatability was not the cause of the apparatus, rather arose doubts had fused the bars molded in 2005 to a higher level.

Production samples pattern used in previous studies during batch cycle under controlled conditions while a second batch produced about four years later. Experience shows that patterns can separate from batches that are significantly different permeability values. The suspect was not confirmed permeability pattern evaluations.