Process Advantages of Lost Foam

● Shaping more and scope of design when projection design

● Components can solutions function-integrated display as individual parts through a layered structure of the parts pattern => advantage Cost

● Reduce casting finishing (near-net shape)

● Ability Automation for steps involved

● High flexibility due to times set-up short Occupying

● High EPS service model resulting lower part of the costs of tooling

● Costs Assembly and processing decreased by cessation of operations shape, add-on parts , threaded connections, etc.

● expanded range of applications for designs 1 solutions.

In particular, in the field of vehicle manufacturing, process technology provides advantages Lost Foam without throwing up extra weight problems. Castings coreintensive complex and, in particular, enable savings and quality improvements to be achieved. If, alongside economic and ecological needs, additional requirements have increased strength also called for, then must also investigate alternatives in conjunction with the traditional technology Lost Foam.

The increase in pressure occurs isostatically. The pressure is kept constant until the metal turns solidifies. The subsequent process steps after the container is opened, to meet again with the traditional casting process Lost Foam.

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