Experimental results of pin disc wear of bainite horse multiphase wear resistant cast steel for cone crusher liner

In the wear test of iron and steel materials, the wear resistance can be obtained by taking the reciprocal of the wear amount, that is:

Where, ε Is the wear resistance of the material (g-1), and F is the wear amount of the material within the specified time (g).

Based on an iron and steel wear-resistant material, such as mnl3cr2, the relative wear-resistant coefficient can be calculated by the formula:

Where, ε Is the relative wear resistance coefficient, α and β The wear weight loss of wear sample and reference sample respectively.

The results of two-body pin disc wear test are shown in Figure 2. The unit wear weight loss of bainite Martian multiphase wear-resistant cast steel is 0.166mg/min, and the unit wear weight loss of mnl3cr2 is 0.492mg/min. It can be seen in Figure 2 that the wear weight loss changes linearly in the whole experimental process. The relative wear coefficient f between bainite martensite composite wear-resistant cast steel and mnl3cr2 is 2.97, that is, in the two-body friction and wear experiment, the wear resistance of bainite martensite composite wear-resistant cast steel is nearly three times that of mnl3cr2.

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