Filling simulation of gating system for automobile disc brake caliper

The simulation results of filling temperature field are shown in Figure 1. It can be seen that the filling liquid level and temperature field of the four acupoints are basically the same at any time during the filling process. Finally, all cavities can be filled at the same time. Only in this way can the solidification state of all four cavities be kept consistent, and the castings with stable performance and quality can be obtained. To ensure that each cavity is filled at the same time is the first judgment basis to check whether the gating system design is reasonable.

At the same time, the velocity field display of the filling process can be obtained (Fig. 3.14), which can be used to evaluate the flow velocity of molten iron in the mold and judge whether there are problems such as sand washing or insufficient metal filling in the runner. According to the figure below, the velocity in the runner during the filling process is less than 1m / s, which meets the second point of the design. Particle tracking simulation can predict the filling process

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