Future development direction of equipment and wear-resistant casting in sandstone industry

With the increasing efforts of the state to rectify the sand and stone projects, the demand for equipment and wear-resistant castings in China’s sand and stone industry is increasing. From the perspective of the future development trend of the sand and stone industry, the future demand for equipment and wear-resistant castings in the sand and stone industry will develop to the direction of refinement, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the main trend is roughly the following four kinds.

First, the overall technical level of the machinery sand equipment production industry has been improved. The equipment of sandstone industry needs industry standard, such as the configuration of machine-made sandstone production line, the unification of equipment model and other problems, which need to be solved urgently. China sandstone association is also making efforts to this end, believing that with the joint efforts of all colleagues, this goal will always be achieved.

Second, the demand for special equipment for the reuse of waste resources has increased. The “encirclement” of construction waste has become a major problem that puzzles the life of urban and rural residents. The recycling of construction waste into sand making industry will become a hot spot, and will also become a new profit growth point of sand and stone industry in the near future.

The third is to pay attention to low energy consumption and environmental protection in the production equipment and configuration of machine-made sandstone. The concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The configuration of machine-made sand production line and motor power etc. pay more and more attention to environmental protection and energy saving.

Fourth, the matching wear-resistant casting should pay attention to the continuous improvement of the production process, and the service life and performance stability should be improved.

Construction waste treatment equipment and special equipment for waste resources will become two highlights in recent years. Relevant production enterprises also need to make use of their own advantages to closely follow the industry development trend in the production of equipment and wear-resistant castings in the sandstone industry, and constantly innovate and make progress.

This also puts forward higher requirements for the equipment and wear-resistant casting production enterprises in the sandstone industry. On the one hand, the relevant equipment production enterprises should constantly introduce advanced production concepts, pay attention to the research and development of energy-saving and consumption reducing equipment and production improvement, and constantly improve the mechanism sandstone production process, so as to meet the huge market demand, save energy and consumption, and promote the sustainable development of the sandstone industry.

On the other hand, the production enterprises of wear-resistant castings should pay special attention to the safety of castings in the process of use, eliminate the potential safety hazards such as fracture of wear-resistant castings at the source, continuously improve the performance of wear-resistant castings, and promote the progress of the industry.

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