G10mnmov6-3 large cast steel cable clamp

Cast steel joints are widely used in airport terminals, railway stations, stadiums and other large public buildings because of their high modeling freedom, strong plasticity, good architectural effect and high bearing capacity. The selection of cast steel joint materials generally needs to be comprehensively considered according to the stress conditions, whether there are welding requirements, whether there are size restrictions and other factors.

At present, in the relevant specifications and engineering applications in the construction field, for the cast steel joints of welded structures, the grades of zg230-450h, zg270-480h, zg300-500h, zg340-550h, g17mn5 and g20mn5 steel are usually selected. In foreign project design and engineering application, g10mnmov6-3 cast steel material is more common, because g10mnmov6-3 has better weldability and higher yield strength than g20mn5 and other cast steel materials. Therefore, it has better applicability and broad prospects in the design and application of cast steel joints in large public buildings.

The material is widely used in projects where the wall thickness of castings exceeds 100mm and European standard large test blocks are required. Taking the application of large g10mnmov6-3 low alloy steel cable clamp in the roof structure of the main stadium of Qatar 2022 World Cup as an example, this paper studies and analyzes the key technologies and quality control points in the casting production process, so as to provide reference for the application of g10mnmov6-3 alloy steel in cast steel joints.