High speed feed experiment of five axis simultaneous forming of sand mold

In order to further improve the efficiency of sand mold five axis linkage forming, in the above impeller sand mold processing program, the programming vector speed is set to f2500, and the processing program is rerun. The actual speed of acquisition linear axis is shown in Fig. 1, and that of rotating axis is shown in Fig. 2. The linear axis feed speed changes greatly, which greatly exceeds the programming speed f2500, and the speed fluctuation is large, and the equipment has obvious vibration. Among them, the maximum speed of X axis is – 6440 mm / min, that of Y axis is – 7528 mm / min, and that of Z axis is – 6119 mm / min. The speed of the rotating axis is lower than that of the linear axis. Therefore, it is necessary to take forward-looking control for the five axis linkage high-speed forming of sand mold.

Similarly, plot 32 is used to collect the actual position curve of linear axis, and the comparison with RTCP simulation calculation shows that when X-axis position is abscissa, the position error curves of Y-axis and z-axis are shown in Fig. 3.

It can be seen from the comparison that when the programming speed is increased to 2500 mm / min, the corresponding acceleration is further increased, and the RTCP operation position error is also further increased, with an error of 0.072 mm in the y-axis direction and 0.077 mm in the z-axis direction.

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