High strength gray cast iron

With the rapid development of industrial technology, people have higher and higher requirements for material properties, as well as gray cast iron, which is a common material, forcing people to continue to improve technology and improve the properties of gray cast iron. Therefore, high strength gray cast iron, such as alloy cast iron and inoculated cast iron, has attracted more and more attention.

In order to obtain high strength gray cast iron, we should strive to 100% refine pearlite matrix and fine bent graphite. From the point of view of microstructure, austenite dendrite is the basic skeleton of cast iron, and its quantity and size affect the mechanical properties of gray cast iron. In order to obtain high strength gray iron castings, alloys are usually added to hypoeutectic cast iron to improve the casting properties, reduce the tendency of white cast iron and refine the matrix structure; Adding an appropriate amount of inoculant to the molten iron of low C and Si gray cast iron can increase the number of crystal nuclei, refine the grains, make the graphite in it uniform and fine flakes, and make the pearlite matrix finer at the same time.

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