How far is digital foundry manufacturer from us

Digital foundry manufacturer is not a concept that inspires our imagination, but a real thing. There is no problem in technology. What is lacking is basic data and unified action. At present, it is very difficult for design institutes or equipment factories to build 3D models of all equipment. This requires all enterprises to use the same platform to ensure the realization of concurrent engineering and unified data specifications, so as to realize parallel factories. If everyone can make efforts in this regard, the digital foundry will soon be realized.

In order to build a digital foundry, more investment is needed than the existing foundry enterprises. Therefore, people with insight and capital base are needed. Take a foundry project with an annual output of 30000 tons of engine castings as an example. At present, the investment of the whole project is about 280 million yuan to 320 million yuan. If we want to build a digital foundry, the investment is estimated to be between 360 million yuan and 420 million yuan.

In order to build a digital foundry, we must have a unified understanding: the whole society should pay attention to environmental pollution and the harm brought by the poor working environment; enterprises should have a sense of advance and never use outdated products; equipment manufacturing enterprises must produce products that meet the requirements, rather than low-cost, poor quality and unsafe products. Completely change the idea that casting is turning sand, which should be dusty, hot, smelly and tired.

At present, although there are only a few domestic digital chemical plants, and they are only used in automobile body production line, general assembly production line, engine machining production line and home appliance production line. Some foundry enterprises are also called digital foundry. There is still a distance between the actual and the real digital chemical plants, but I believe that with the increasing application of enterprise CAD / PDM system and ERP system, With the continuous improvement of automation, intelligence and informatization of casting equipment, through the joint efforts of colleagues in the foundry industry, the real digital foundry will soon appear in front of us.

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