Identification of casting defects and unfilled defects in sand casting

1) Identification of casting defects in sand casting

Casting failure refers to the defect on the casting, incomplete outline shape, or complete outline, but its corner is round, bright color. Casting defects are often found in the parts far away from the gate and the thin wall, while the pouring system is full of liquid metal. It is not because the liquid metal is not enough when pouring, but because the fluidity of the liquid metal is too poor or the flow resistance is too large.

2) Identification of unfilled defects in sand casting

Under pouring is the lack of flesh in the upper part of the casting pouring position, and the casting corner at the lack of flesh is slightly round. The difference between not pouring and not pouring is that not pouring is caused by the lack of liquid metal entering the mold cavity, such as the lack of liquid metal in the ladle or the interruption of pouring.

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