Identification of wrong mold, wrong core and deviated core in sand casting

1) Identification of wrong pattern in sand casting

Wrong mold is the defect that one part of the casting and another part are staggered at the parting surface, which is generally caused by the inaccuracy of mold closing and positioning.

Wrong type

If there is sand core in the mold, and the sand core is placed in the lower mold, the defect is wrong mold rather than eccentric core.

2) Identification of wrong core in sand casting

The staggered core is that the sand cores are staggered at the core separation surface, which makes the inner cavity of the casting deformed. It is a wrong core, not a wrong mold, so the shape of the outer surface of the casting is correct.

Wrong core

3) Identification of eccentric core in sand casting

The eccentric core is caused by the unexpected change of the position of the sand core, and the shape and size of the casting are inconsistent with the drawing.

Core deviation

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