Improvement of gravity casting process of aluminum alloy cylinder head

A set of gravity casting mould for aluminum alloy cylinder head was sent to the casting workshop. After trial production in the gravity casting workshop, some appearance quality problems were found; After further machining, internal quality problems are exposed.

The responsibility of gravity casting workshop is to abide by the process discipline, implement the process specification, review the trial production process of the casting workshop, and no non-compliance with the process discipline is found; The trial production records also prove that the process parameters of each production link meet the process specifications. It is indirectly proved that the main cause of defects in gravity casting is not in the production process of gravity casting.

With a serious and responsible attitude, the management team of gravity casting workshop actively cooperated with the mold design and manufacturing departments to find out the main causes of gravity casting defects, formulated corresponding solutions for these reasons and implemented them in time, and gradually closed these gravity casting defects. PDCA method to solve this gravity casting problem is introduced.

To solve the problem of gravity casting defects, we should adhere to the viewpoint of comprehensive investigation, universal connection and development and change of dialectics, clarify the optimization ideas by using the method of PDCA cycle, study the gravity casting process, structural design, manufacturing accuracy, precision of production equipment, matching of process parameters and so on, and then put forward reasonable schemes and accurate measures one by one.