Improving process equipment to reduce the crack of aluminum alloy wheel hub in low pressure casting

Aluminum alloy hub has many incomparable characteristics with steel hub, so aluminum alloy hub has been widely used in cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. By 2002, the loading rate of aluminum alloy wheel hub of car in our country was close to 45%. Due to the high quality requirements of automobile hub, its structure is suitable for low-pressure casting, and the demand is large, so it greatly promotes the development of low-pressure casting technology. At present, low-pressure casting has become the main process method of aluminum alloy hub production. Most domestic aluminum alloy hub manufacturing enterprises adopt this process.

Low pressure casting can realize high mechanization and automation, not only improve productivity (10-15 type / h), but also reduce many human factors that are not conducive to the production process, improve the yield, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. However, the quality of low-pressure casting parts is affected by such factors as process plan, process parameters, mold structure and manual operation, as well as the interaction between them. Unreasonable design or improper operation of any link may lead to defects of low-pressure casting parts. Among them, the generation of aluminum alloy hub cracks is an important factor that affects the production cost and production efficiency of enterprises, and hub cracks are a major hidden danger of automobile safety. Therefore, it is very important to study the causes of the cracks in the low pressure casting aluminum alloy wheel hub.

This paper analyzes the causes of crack formation of aluminum alloy wheel hub in low-pressure casting, researches on various factors affecting crack formation, such as casting structure, process parameters, mold temperature, etc., and eliminates the influence of crack on wheel hub casting through reasonable control and adjustment of these factors, so as to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

The cause of crack formation of aluminum alloy wheel hub in low pressure casting

The main factors influencing the crack formation

Influence of improper design of hub structure on hub crack

Influence of unreasonable process parameters on hub crack

The influence of mold temperature on hub crack

Improvement measures

Reasonable design of liquid lifting system

Reasonable design of hub structure

Improvement of sprue sleeve

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