Innovation of composite squeeze casting for large aluminum wheel hub

(1) A forming method of composite squeeze casting for large parts was proposed. According to this method, a composite squeeze casting forming system is designed and manufactured. Through the forming experiment of large wheel hub parts, the parts formed by the system basically meet the requirements, which verifies the correctness of the method proposed in this paper and the practicality of engineering.

(2) The melt conveying system for composite squeeze casting of large parts was designed and manufactured, and the key technical problems such as liquid level compensation and elbow air pressure protection were solved. The air pressure control test results of the molten liquid conveying system show that the actual pressure in the furnace of the molten liquid conveying system basically coincides with the set pressure curve in the pressure boosting stage, and the actual pressure curve fluctuates around the design value in the pressure maintaining stage, which meets the process requirements of composite squeeze casting. At the same time, the test results of the actual temperature rise and insulation capacity of the infusion pipe show that the temperature of the whole pipe is uniform, and the fluctuation range of the inner wall temperature of the pipe is within the predetermined range, which can ensure the squeeze casting of large parts.

(3) The floating rigid support die was designed and manufactured. The spiral surface angle and extrusion compression of floating structure are modeled, analyzed and simulated. The simulation results show that the die can work normally whether it is driven by self weight or pressure.

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