Introduction of vertical parting box less injection molding line for disa casting

Disa company in Denmark is famous for its vertical parting box less injection molding line and shot blasting machine. It is a foundry solution integrating sand mixing, sand shooting, molding, pouring, cooling, sand returning and shot blasting. Figure 1 is the schematic diagram of disa 230x equipment. The molding line has the following advantages:

(1) With higher specific pressure, the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of castings are higher;

(2) The whole line has high degree of automation, low labor intensity, no shock and low noise in the production process;

(3) High production efficiency, generally up to 450 type / h, simple equipment matching, less fault;

(4) Good economy, no need of sand box, low maintenance cost.

At the same time, there are some specific limitations

(1) Due to the limited size of the plate, it is impossible to produce large size castings;

(2) If the sand mold parting is too complicated, it is not suitable for production;

(3) The castings with larger sand mold thickness are not suitable for production;

(4) The casting with too large cavity depth is easy to cause sand shooting not solid, which is not suitable for production;

(5) The process of placing cold iron is not suitable for production.

The core of disa production line is molding machine. Its working principle is shown in Figure 2 As shown in Fig. 1, assemble the positive and negative mold plates on the back plate of the molding machine, and the equipment drives the mold plates into the molding room. After the sand injection is completed, the molding sand is extruded. When the sand mold block reaches the preset compactness, the mold reverse plate exits the molding room, and rotates upward 90 ° with the back plate. The mold front plate pushes the sand block out of the molding room until it contacts with the previous sand mold and forms a sand mold string. Wait Subsequent pouring. The cycle time of the molding process is related to the preset sand mold thickness, which can be completed in 8s.

ZHY casting adopts disa 230x production line to produce nodular iron castings for automobile brake system. The size of die plate is 750mm × 535mm, and the maximum usable area of molding plate is 80% of the total area, that is, the size of products in any direction shall not exceed Of course, in addition to being restricted by the shape plate size, the total box weight of the product should not be too large, otherwise the pouring can not be completed in one molding cycle, and the maximum efficiency of the production line can not be brought into play.