Investigation on quality assurance system of nuclear power valve casting manufacturer

The buyer of the casting should not only pay attention to the quality of the casting itself, but also the engineering quality of the casting factory. For the purchase of valves, since the castings account for about 90% of the whole valve weight by weight, the importance of casting can be seen, and the quality reliability and economy of products are closely related to the engineering quality of the manufacturer. Therefore, when purchasing the valve, the actual capacity of the valve manufacturer, i.e. whether the casting is produced by itself or purchased, or whether the engineering quality can meet the requirements of the purchased items, and the quality assurance inspection shall be conducted.

There are three main contents for the foundry in the quality assurance inspection:

1.The quality assurance system of the production unit includes:

Quality management organization;

Quality responsibility system;

Quality information network;

Standardization organization;

Measurement work;

Quality education for employees;

Product technical file management, technical data and other requirements to achieve traceability

2.The basic facilities of the production unit include:

Production equipment (mechanization degree of the enterprise);

Process equipment (such as the completion vehicle of sand box, positioning pin and other auxiliary equipment);

Monitoring in production process;

Means of product inspection.

3.The personnel quality of the production unit includes:

Whether the production workers have received technical training before going to work;

Whether the operators of key processes have received necessary training and qualification certification;

Civilized production habits of employees.

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