Common tools for sand casting

Common modeling tools are as follows.

1 shovel:Also known as shovel, it is used to shovel and mix sand (core).


2 sieves: There are two types: square and round; square screen is used to screen the original sand or molding sand; round screen is generally hand screen, which is used to screen the surface sand to the surface of the pattern.


3 sand hammer: It is used for ramming molding sand. The first part of the sand ramming is flat head and flat head. Generally, they are used at both ends of the sand ramming. The flat head is used for ramming molding sand around the pattern and at the side of the sand box or in the narrow part. The flat head is used for ramming the surface of the sand mold.

sand hammer

4 scraper; It is also called scraping rule. It is made of flat wood or iron plate. Its length should be longer than the width of the sandbox. After the sand is rammed, it is used to scrape the molding sand higher than the sand box.


5 ventilation needle; Also known as air hole needle, there are two kinds of straight and curved, which are used to pierce the air hole, generally f2-8mm, made of iron wire or steel bar.

ventilation needle

6 lifting pin; and lifting pin. It is used to lift the shape in the sand mold. The working end is a tapered called mold pin, which is used to lift a smaller pattern; the working end is a threaded called mold pin, which is used to lift a larger pattern.

lifting pin

7 brush pen: It is used to wet the molding sand on the edge of the pattern before the mold is lifted, or to brush the coating on the small sand mold and sand core.

brush pen

8 broad brush: It is used to brush paint on the surface of large sand mold or clean the sand on the sand mold (core).

broad brush

9 powder bag. It is used for buffeting graphite powder or talcum powder on the cavity surface.

10 fur tiger: It is used to blow away the scattered lime soil and sand particles on the sand mold. Do not use too hard to avoid damaging the sand mold.

fur tiger

11 pneumatic tamper: It is also called wind drift or wind gun. Driven by compressed air, it is used to compact larger sand mold and sand core to reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity.

pneumatic tamper

12 wire pliers. Used for binding core bone or bending sand hook, etc.

13 spanner. It is used to tighten nuts or screws in closing fastening work.

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