Investment Casting Process for Fixed Disk

At present, automobiles are fully used in national life, and the stability of automotive components is receiving increasing attention. The road conditions of vehicles are usually complex, and the fixed disk used to support the automotive air conditioning compressor is affected by the uncertain working environment. Therefore, it is necessary to study its production process. The investment casting process of the fixed disk was simulated and analyzed using ProCAST software. The optimization methods used and the optimized process parameters obtained provide a certain reference for the process improvement of the same type of products.

0.38~ 0.450.17~ 0.370.50~ 0.800.90~ 1.200.15~ 0.25≤ 0.035≤ 0.035≤ 0.30≤ 0.30

The fixed plate is an investment casting product for the bracket of an automotive air conditioning compressor, made of JDM B2K4140 alloy steel, of which 4140 is a carbon structural steel grade in accordance with AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) standards, and the corresponding international standard organization material grade is 42CrMo4 steel. The chemical composition of the investment casting material is shown in the table. This product is a precision casting with uniform wall thickness and complex structure, with a maximum overall dimension of 126 mm × 75 mm × 72mm。 During investment casting, it is not allowed to produce process defects that have a significant impact on the overall quality of investment castings, such as slag inclusions, cracks, etc. Use UGNX10.0 software to conduct 3D solid modeling of the fixed disk, as shown in the figure.

(1) Based on the finite element analysis and the simulation results of the designed orthogonal experiment, the optimal combination of process parameters was obtained by comparing and analyzing the process parameters while ensuring the optimal quality of the fixed disk process. At this time, the pouring temperature was 1560 ℃, the pouring speed was 300mm/s, and the shell preheating temperature was 1100 ℃.

(2) A good combination of process parameters needs to be selected based on the importance of each parameter. Different process parameters have different effects on the process quality of investment castings. On the premise of clarifying the impact of various parameters on the investment casting process, it is possible to screen out more ideal process values, achieving the goal of optimizing the process and improving production efficiency.

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