Investment casting technology of impeller blade

The investment casting process of single impeller blade mainly includes several processes: mold material preparation, investment mold manufacturing, cooling, storage and inspection. The specific process is shown in the table below.

Technological processProcess parameters
Investment mold configuration of impeller blade
Wax melting equipmentResistance furnace or power frequency sensing wax melting furnace
Feeding sequenceFirst melt the ground wax and Sichuan wax, add polyethylene or EVA in the mixing, then add rosin after full melting, add modified rosin (or 424#) after full melting of rosin, and finally add paraffin and mix evenly
Melting temperature≤200°C
Investment mold manufacturing of impeller blade
Wax pressing equipmentManual or semi-automatic heat preservation and wax pressing machine
Site temperature15∼28°C
Mold temperature70∼85°C
Molding temperature20∼30°C
Parting agentMetal pressure molding: transformer oil, methyl silicone oil or 1:1 mixture of Jiuqing and castor oil
Injection pressure0.3~1.5Mpa
Pressure holding time1 ∼ 3 minutes
CoolantWater (temperature 16 ∼ 25 ° C)
Impeller blade investment cooling
Cooling time≤ 1 hour
Storage temperature15∼28°C
Impeller blade investment mold storage
Storage method(not stacking) shall be placed on the special formwork
Appearance inspection100% inspection is not allowed to have defects such as drape, cold lap, crack, shrinkage, bubble, etc
Investment mould inspection of impeller blade
Measurement inspectionCheck the dimension and geometry of blade investment mold with caliper, chuck, template and other special measuring tools

After the above process preparation, the investment mold of the pressed single impeller blade is shown in the figure below.