Know About Grey Iron Foundry

I. Basic Characteristics

Grey iron foundry are a kind of molding sands, which has the following basic characteristics:

i. High Clay Content and Sediment Percentage

ii. Low Moisture

iii.Moderate Fineness of Sand

II. Methods For Enhancing Tensile Strength

These methods for enhancing strength of grey iron foundry contain:

i. Add a small number of carbon element into some raw material so that the carbon content in grey iron foundry reaches an appropriate value. In most situations, its carbon content shall be 2.6%~3.6% and corresponding silicon content shall be 1.2%~33.0%. In the case of assuring the wall thickness of grey iron foundry, add moderate manganese material so that its content reaches 4%~8%.

ii. Adopting some alloying methods for enhancing tensile strength of grey iron foundry
Adding moderate microalloy, Cr, Mo, Sn and other elements can also markedly enhance tensile strength of grey iron foundry as well as help inoculation treatment on iron melt.

III. Casting Process Design Aspect

The casting process design is a necessary part in manufacturing grey iron foundry. However, among thousands of casting enterprises, most of casting process designing is carried over through some traditional ways, like manual calculating and drawings, from related process engineers. Along with the rapid development in computer technology, utilizing CAD, CAXA and other softwares can help improve the design efficiencies greatly in the process of casting technological design, which will certainly bring those casting enterprises huge profit.

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