Load on cast hydraulic valve casting body

Hydraulic casting valve is the main component of hydraulic system, which controls the pressure, flow and direction of oil in the system, and its performance affects the performance of the whole system.When the hydraulic valve is working, the force of the valve body is complex and bears more loads, the main loads are as follows:

(1) Pressure: The hydraulic valve body is equivalent to a pressure vessel, and the inner wall is under high medium pressure;

(2) Temperature: As the oil passes through the valve opening, the internal temperature of the hydraulic valve changes greatly due to throttling, which results in thermal stress inside the hydraulic valve body;

(3) Additional load: Variable load due to opening, closing, reversing of hydraulic valve and variation of external load;

(4) Residual stress: The hydraulic valve body must have residual stress after machining.According to theoretical research and experimental results, it is known that the existence of residual stress changes the mechanical properties of materials.

(5) Under the action of connecting bolt force;

(6) Affected by abrasion, oil scouring and corrosion, etc.

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