Sand casting clay sand properties determine casting quality

The performance of clay sand determines the quality of casting in casting production.During the production of the moulding production line, the moulding sand must have certain technological properties, which are determined by the properties of raw materials, the distribution ratio of moulding sand components and the mixing process. The quality of moulding sand has a great influence on the quality of castings. Common casting defects in the production line include casting damage, sand inclusion, sticking, pore, sand expanding and leakage box.

Controlling the properties of moulding sand is important but difficult for the quality of castings. Many important problems have not been solved up to now. This is mainly due to too many and too complicated factors affecting on-site production line changes in foundry production. The control of moulding sand properties is mostly based on the experience of field technicians, and at the same time, due to the variety of performance parameters of moulding sand and the interaction between the properties of moulding sand.It is difficult for technicians to complete the corresponding analysis between the performance of moulding sand and casting defects in a short time. Lack of timely updating of data on daily performance of moulding sand and casting defects and low sharing of data information resources are also obstacles to the performance control of moulding sand.Introducing quality management system, designing and establishing a database quality management system, effectively managing various parameters of sand and casting quality, providing information window for relevant departments and individuals, has very great practical value.

As human beings enter the century, computers play an increasingly important role in people’s production and life.In modern industrial production, with the wide application of computers in industrial production, various computer control systems and application software provide various reference data for modern production to improve industrial productivity and guarantee product quality.Computer image recognition technology is a machine vision technology gradually matured with the development and progress of computer technology. In recent years, it has been more and more applied in industrial production and related industries. It is often used in product quality detection in mass production process and in situations where human visual system is difficult to meet. It can greatly improve the detection accuracy and speed, thus improving production efficiency.And the deviation and error caused by human visual inspection can be avoided.

The factors affecting the properties of clay sand under the conditions of large-scale pipeline production are studied in depth, which lays a foundation for exploring the relationship between the properties of clay sand as one component of sand and the properties of clay sand as one casting defect rate.In view of the fact that the effective bentonite content in old clay sand on production line is determined by hand and the test period is long, an intelligent bentonite content test method and equipment based on computer image recognition technology are put forward and developed, which is compatible with the existing intelligent testing instruments for the properties of common sand in production line.Build an intelligent testing platform for sand performance of the sand production line.A database system of sand properties and casting defects was built by using a large number of sand performance data and casting defects data on the production line. The regression equation between casting defects and sand properties was established by using statistical methods. Based on this, a clay sand casting quality management system was developed.

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